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Star of “Top Hat” catches the eye play a more neutral fashion

  Lead: hat more female-type stars, a variety of elegant hats to become their keen fashion items, especially as a gentleman of flattery as winter newe era hat concave shape to the actress who in a single product, take a look actress who is how to interpret a gentleman hat-trick.

2011 autumn and winter, the most eye-catching single product with what? Hat is definitely one! It acts as the body shape as the crowning touch, very natural to locate the body style. Even if the clothing in general, but to catch the eye-catching DC shoes hat, immediately able to express individuality, improve retention rates. From the style point of view, luxurious fur can increase the noble sense, reflects the thick wool cap highlights the lovely winter warm temperament, a simple cap to add a neutral simple handsome.

Already had nine body body wear such a Pace “hat”, increasingly slender up.
Fan Bingbing roll-brimmed hat with a black coat, black umbrella, along with black boots, black glasses, black pants, a black in the end, success was thin but also highlights the Queen Fan children.
Huo Siyan with a plush coat and lovely Hello Kitty hats, and tide and lovely.

Jolin Tsai’s striped sweater with a hat, take cool air at the same time without losing the sweet and tender feeling, and the “hat” for the petite star is significantly higher success can be said that essential magic.
ZhouDongYu head do volume light-colored soft-brimmed hat, wearing a black wool dress, consistent with a pure point there is also a little gentleman, quite taste.

Yan Tang, sweet, pleasant, gentlemanly black glasses and black hat take the leopard jacket, with the funny cool wizard.
Song Hye Kyo’s hat and a gentleman with a long section of the sweater up and no gentleman’s taste, it touches more aristocratic ladies were feeling.


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