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Lei Feng Cap to keep warm in winter and with the trend

REVIEW“Naked Wedding Time” Lewis wearing a sun wholesale hat Lei Lei Feng hats wave swept againthis winter you will see a lot of influx of people wearing Lei Feng hatswarm and stylish. Here, small series to introduce five Lei Feng hatsteach you the trend with a Fan!

 Lei Feng white fur brim hat with the previous models, but very different in the selected materials, made ​​from all-white plush, soft and comfortable, romantic and lovely white fur, not casual style, but sweet style. Ear design does not make your ears cold, still attached two small hairy ball embellishment. The Le Feng cap with pink dress, wearing snow boots, wear the pearl necklace decoration, beautiful, pleasant, so that you do make eye.

Lei Feng hats are all former military green or dark color is more ShenLei Feng hats now more and more welcome the influx of people, style is also improvedThis is a winter new era hat Lei Fengis to make you become the focusThe main colors orangethe color is popular this yeardotted with yellowgreen and brownsnowflake patterns, diamond and other geometric shapes, which are very good top hat Lei FengSoft plush ear can turn on the tie, with blue collar, wearing casual sweater, a variety of tidal range to create from your heart!

Improved models of Lei Feng wool cap, crowns and a plush ball on decorative ear design can be freely adjustedturn up becomes lovely.

Is a Lei Feng made ​​by the hairy cap, but to the more noble and luxury, the use made ​​of rabbit hair, full of gorgeous flavorwith a plaid shirt dressdistinctive flavor wave.

Ethnic Lei Feng hats, warm as no shortage of fashionwith a thick white sweater knittingdoing a lively girl.

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