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Clothing Hats + Jacket will be great preparation for recommendation

End of the year, is not a lot of recent years will be to participate? Of course, eye-catching dress to choose, then how can Dress warm things correct it? Of course, a variety of coat, wearing a jacket with a round face girl hat can change little face!

Simple and graceful, elegant look calm, dotted with beautiful fur collar bring sweet lady romantic temperament, with skirts, Hurley hat look great feeling Oh, and the overall design of the beautifully detailed, hand-very beautiful, very special is not an easy , do not pick people wear, retro colors more. Feeling very thin belt.

Very beautiful fox fur jacket decorated, with a winter coat to wear in the can, take off that gorgeous perfect Oh, Slim design, a very significant body of feeling, very eye-catching three-dimensional fox fur design, it is the atmosphere low-key feel.

Big red, oge collar, people really like Oh, to better highlight women mature elegance. We started to try new ways, and another a romance. But now more popular in Europe cut natural way, a very nice horn button design is really gorgeous feeling.

This year’s design more styles change, feminine, delicate collar lapel was designed to taste, a sense of superior temperament. Leggings look good with this paragraph, the wild section. Not wearing a winter cold, with cashmere wool winter new era hats is very beautiful.

The whole plate is self-cultivation, waist designed to set off feminine curves. Fabrics do not have to say, high-quality materials to ensure the wearing of the upper body warm and comfort. The overall effect is very praise upper body, elegant and stylish, yet sexy at the same time charming, worn alone, and with very good results.

Beautiful colors, unique sense of design and the high cost beloved. After further improvement of this material, anti-pilling performance and better friends. In addition to high-end materials, workmanship is very fine, sleeves, breast, cuffs, armpit, etc. are all hand-sewing stitching, very delicate, made clothing, the clothing type is very smooth, significantly high.

Very nice mosaic designs, plus velvet design is very big feeling of warmth. Handsome locomotive style, will find very fashionable feeling, retro Oh Miss necessary. Also with a very handsome slacks with style Oh.

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