For a long time, bed bugs were a largely forgotten problem. In large part because people didn’t travel all that much, it was possible to wipe out the bed bug colonies through good hygiene and improved living conditions.

Lately, though, people have forgotten about bed bugs and started to travel much more, so these nasty critters have found themselves a lot of nice new places to live. And because we don’t expect them, they are getting into our homes.

The upside of this, if you can call it that, is that people have come up with bed bug mattress covers to control the problem, and they can be highly useful. You do need to remember that this requires both the right kind and the right use.

Regular mattress covers don’t fully encompass the bed, as a rule, which makes them less than effective for bed bug problems. If they aren’t fully sealed in, the bed bugs will simply move around the mattress cover and come at you from on top of it. This type of mattress cover can keep you reasonably safe from bites at a hotel, assuming you only stay one night.

Another problem is what kind of fabric they’re made of. Bed bugs have strong sharp jaws, and they have absolutely no difficulty biting through the skin. Because of this, you’re going to need a mattress cover from a piece of very thick fabric. The fabric also needs to be tightly knit. If it isn’t both of these, the bedbugs will just bite through the fabric and bite you anyway.

Proper bed bug mattress covers are specially designed to work around both of these problems. First, they’re designed so that they completely cover the mattress and, usually, the box springs as well. The zipper shut and create a sealed environment. No bed bugs getting, no humans being made into a tasty cocktail.

They are also made of extremely sturdy materials that are strong enough to resist being bitten through. As a result, they will eventually kill all the bed bugs encased in them, resolving your bed bug problem.

The other great use for them is when you travel. You take them with you, then put them on the bed to keep the bed bugs away from you. This will also allow you to prevent them from getting into luggage and coming home without. You need to make sure you keep the mattress cover sealed and have them cleaned thoroughly with hot water between each use.

Bed bugs are a problem, but you don’t have to be a victim. Just make sure you take care and get the right kind of mattress covers. You’ll need to look specifically for bed bug mattress covers to keep the little beasts away.

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